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Radiology used in painting conservation

X-Ray analysis is the newest addition to Parma Conservation’s arsenal of services and a valuable resource in the examination of canvas and panel paintings. As in medicine, radiography takes a work of art and delves “down to the bone.” The ability to see beneath a painting’s surface allows authenticating elements like structural additions, pentimenti, false craquelure, and even entirely hidden artwork to, quite literally, come to light.

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News - Fall 2013

X-Rays for Art

Parma Conservation is proud to announce the addition of X-ray analysis to our conservation services.

Radiography is a valuable source of information in the examination of canvas and panel paintings, enabling one to "read" beneath the surface. Structural additions, pentimenti, false craquelure, overpaint and artists' technique are a few of the authenticating details X -rays can reveal. In dramatic cases, X-rays can even reveal a much older artwork painted beneath the surface.

Elizabeth Kendall, Director of Parma Conservation, has over 30 years experience in Italy and the US working on Old Masters' artwork and using x-rays for the examination of fine art.

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DPR Art Rescue Expands to Connecticut and Ohio

We are proud to announce that DPR Art Rescue has set up agent offices in both Cleveland, Ohio and Baltic, Connecticut. DPR will be adding more agent offices soon to extend our national reach and lessen our response time to art world related disasters.

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