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We were recently asked to look into the feasibility of producing crates with chemically inert interiors that could be used for the shipment and long term storage of an installation piece consisting of raw metal forms including lead, copper alloys, iron alloys, aluminum, and zinc. It has always been a goal to develop such a crate, but the projects in which these issues have come up have typically had immediate deadlines not allowing time for wide ranging research. More...

If all carriers in a transportation chain properly secure the package(s) in their respective vehicles, the greatest and most immediate risk to objects being shipped is demonstrably from human handling.

Small, lightweight packages are statistically subject to dropping from waist height, approximately 30” – 36”; as packages get heavier, they tend to be handled better and dropped from a lesser height as weight increases – a package over 250 lbs. is liable to be dropped less than a foot, and if palletized, is likely to be dropped no more than 6”. More...

April Hann Lanford joins DPR Art Rescue with 20 years of fine art conservation and custom framing experience. April has unparalleled experience in the successful recovery of fine art and antique collections in large scale disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, California Wildfires, Iowa Flooding, Hurricane Sandy, and Hurricane Matthew. Dedicated to the preservation and protection of works, April has extensive knowledge about historical and museum quality framing. She has been featured in numerous publications and speaks at conferences nationwide.

Please contact April Hann Lanford at 312-344-0331 (mobile) or 312-243-9747 (office), or email Connect with April on LinkedIn.

This two-day hands-on workshop is designed specifically for curators, collectors, antique dealers, appraisers, and woodworkers. The goal of this workshop is to familiarize the student with the physical properties of wood and recognize species specific structures. No experience is necessary!

Day 1: Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC Studio
On Saturday, basic wood anatomy will be introduced, including grain, figure, fundamental differences between softwoods and hardwoods, and more. The student will learn to identify common hardwoods that are used in antique furniture using a 10x loupe.

Day 2: Yale University Art Gallery Furniture Study
On Sunday, the class will be held at the Yale University Furniture Study. Students will get a rare opportunity not only to see one of the finest collections of American furniture, but also to identify woods used in a selection of great objects in a one-day intensive and hands-on inspection.

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DPR Art Rescue - East Coast Consulting Branch

DPR Art Rescue, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of an East Coast office in collaboration with Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC.

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This strategic alliance will integrate Fallon & Wilkinson’s nationally recognized expertise as leaders in providing premier furniture and wooden objects conservation, restoration, assessment, and consulting services, adding value and depth to the DPR Art Rescue concept.

The primary focus for the East Coast market is to provide comprehensive insurance loss assessment capabilities for fine art, furniture and objects by pooling the expertise of select conservation and art handling firms under the direction of Tad Fallon and Randy Wilkinson, Principals at Fallon & Wilkinson. Mr. Fallon and Mr. Wilkinson are nationally recognized furniture conservators, educators, and instructors.

Chicago-based DPR Art Rescue currently provides nationwide consulting, assessment, conservation, transportation, and storage services for valuable artwork, objects, fine and antique furniture, and manuscripts. Most of its current partners operate from their headquarters in Chicago and Denver.

For inquiries regarding the full range of DPR Art Rescue services, please contact April Hann Lanford at 312-243-9747 or e-mail

For direct East Coast inquiries please call 860-822-6790 or:
Tad Fallon:
Randy Wilkinson: